Privacy Policy


Data Protection and Usage Agreement

At Wayyak Insurance Brokers, we prioritize the adherence to legal and regulatory requirements concerning data protection, applicable to our operations.

By accessing our various channels, including our website, and providing any data or information, you unconditionally consent to Wayyak Insurance Brokers to:

  1. Contact you through various means for promotional purposes.
  2. Collect and store your personal information, including the use of cookies, for the necessary duration.
  3. Transfer your personal information to servers or third-party affiliates/service providers within or outside the UAE.
  4. Use your personal information for policy evaluation, underwriting, issuing, administering, and processing claims.
  5. Disclose your personal information to third-party partners for policy-related processes, both within and outside the UAE.
  6. Disclose and report your personal information to legal/regulatory agencies as required by law.

We ensure the confidentiality of all information, treating it with utmost privacy and protection. We commit to using this information in line with our own confidential data protection standards.

However, we may disclose confidential information:

  1. As required by law or regulatory bodies.
  2. To entities or persons necessary for policy-related processes.
  3. To professional advisors, consultants, lawyers, financial institutions, regulatory or government entities as needed.
  4. To other Wayyak-related companies for effective business management.

Exceptions include our right to:

  1. Use provided information for creating anonymized industry statistics.
  2. Share reinsurance information with reinsurers where necessary.
  3. Collect and use risk, loss, reserve, and claims data for various purposes, including commercial exploitation.

For Group Companies Insured/Dealing with Wayyak:

You agree to the use of your company name and logo in marketing materials and for internal Wayyak use.

If you provide personal data, it will be treated according to UAE laws, facilitating service provision, effective management, and compliance with applicable laws.

You will ensure compliance with regulations and laws in data collection and obtain data subjects’ consent when required. Also, maintaining the accuracy of data and providing assistance in dealing with requests and complaints.